The #1 Mistake Every Entrepreneur and Dreamer Needs to Avoid

by | Apr 24, 2021 | Entrepreneuer, Priorities, Success |

An Insider Secret for Go-Getters

With out even so much as an introduction, I bet I know you.

You are sharp, in control, confident, and kicking it.

AND, you’re near burnout, overwhelm, or confusion.

All signs of being an aspiring or even seasoned entrepreneur, dreamer, and go-getter. Sister you, we, are wired differently. We’re a unique blend of drive, talent, and ambition. We were raised to believe we could have it all.

Yet, a part of that narrative and vision which got omitted was the frustration and sacrifice needed in order to achieve our supersize dreams.

Can I get amen?

How do we manage our priorities and juggle our passions without losing our minds and adding to an increasing list of disappointments or dropped balls?

Based on where you’ve been, where you’re going, and who you follow, these words may resonate with you-

Faith first

Family second

Career third.

This sounds lovely, in theory. In reality however, how do we get through and manage the checklist or lists of life and advancement? You know, the things we value and want to satisfy, the people we cherish, and the opportunities we wish to pursue.

Here’s my insider secret for you to create a flow to uniquely fit you so that you can experience and enjoy peace of mind as well as progress. Are you ready?

STOP thinking top to bottom.

A vertical approach to your responsibilities will lead you to exhaustion. None of the categories- faith, family, nor career fit into a checkbox. We don’t complete one then move onto the next, lather, rinse, and repeat.

Instead, start thinking about these priorities in a linear or horizontal way.

Faith first -> Family second -> Career third -> faith -> family -> career

It’s a repeating, ever flowing loop; weaving them together. Picture the backside of a tapestry. All those little pieces or loose ends wind up blending together to create something beautiful.

When we avoid living life as a series of boxes to check off and instead grab hold of the flexibility and fluidity that entrepreneurship provides, we set ourselves, our priorities, and our businesses up for success.

Allow yourself to experience the beauty of living perfectly imperfect everyday in every way as you stay true to your priorities and calling.  When you do, you’ll break the chains of guilt and shame aka coulda, shoulda, woulda and start making waves of progress in order to achieve what is truly satisfying.