Helping Women

Create & Clarify Strategies to achieve 

personal & professional advancement

So they can embrace their true  worthretrain their mindset, discover their purpose,

and enjoy a well done life!

Helping High Women Create & Clarify Strategies to Achieve Personal & Professional Advancement.

So that they can recall their dreams, reclaim their dignity, and realize their destiny.

Who is daphne?

Hi! I’m Daphne

I’m an author, truth telling coach, and speaker who helps women live “A WELL DONE LIFE” by

  • Understanding their worth
  • Claiming their birthright
  • Fulfilling their destiny
  • Receiving their permission

Most of my life was spent trying to please other people. Trying to be who, or do what, they needed or wanted me to be.  Living behind a mask and believing lies.

For over 25 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of women ready for transformation and who have the courage to risk the status quo in order to achieve the well done life they deserve.

Using my proven  3-step process they can break free to stop surviving and start thriving!

The women I work with are ready to break chains and make waves. Are you?

free gift for you

Are you ready for Unhackable hope and freedom in this overwhelming world?

This FREE 3-Day Challenge will bring you:

  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • Courage

to live “A WELL DONE LIFE”.

Here’s how it works

My 3-step process for



Experience both areas of advancement or pick your area of greatest need.



You are an original, embrace it!

Exchange the lies, labels, and limiting beliefs for

truth, facts, and possibilities.



You are here for a reason, discover it!

Your full potential has not yet been realized.

Your identity

Who you are and whose you are matters. It’s time to shed your labels and limits to become unmasked, unstuck, and unstoppable.

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Your Uniqueness

You are not an accident. Being born into this world means you have a purpose. Your role can not be fulfilled by anyone else, ever.

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your healing

Pain is the one shared human emotion. What Becoming whole in spite of your past or present affects our hearts and homes.

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Your Life

Stuck stinks! Discovering your fully developed potential allows a life by design instead of default. Your destiny awaits.

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Feeling Leads to Healing

It’s Time to Break the Silence!

Recent awareness of sexual harassment has provided its victims with visibility and a voice. But for many victims, our stories of pain are different.

They may never make the headlines. Your violators may not be famous personalities. We may never call the police or wind up in an emergency room.

Yet we carry our pain with us— bullying, abuse, divorce, infidelity, abortion- wearing it as a scarlet letter. We hide the offenses of others behind our own mask of shame.

Break free from traps and lies.

Embrace healing and hope.

Transform into a life of truth.


Online, on the platform, in the boardroom, or at a retreat center. From women’s organizations and mom’s clubs to Bible studies and business meetings, you can count on a memorable (in the best way possible) presentation.

“I never hesitate to consider Daphne for a presentation that will engage and motivate attendees.  She is open, approachable and peppers all presentations with the right amount of laughter and self-introspection that puts all at ease.

The feedback I received from her “Untangling the Communication Conundrum” lunch and learn was fantastic. Attendees felt that she provided some excellent points about working with people and provided tools that they could implement right away.  A win-win for all of us!”

Kelly S. Majdan, MBA, AIF®, QPFC®, CRPS®Managing Director, Midwest, Arkansas & Southern Missouri, Strategic Retirement Partners

What others are saying…

I highly recommend Daphne to anyone who is feeling stuck or confused about the future, either for their personal life or career. She walked me through the process of discovering my talents and career desires, and she helped me move forward with realistic action steps.”

Abigail Y.

“Universally applicable, mind opening and riotous entertainment make up the wonderful presentation style of Daphne V Smith.

This information is invaluable for anyone who lives or works with people. Hermits need not apply.”

Dr. Susan McBeth, D.D.S., M.S.

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