What are you up to?

Based on what you had planned for the year, I think we might be in agreement when describing 2020 so far. In a few words, it’s been a lot.

Most of us have experienced:

  • fear
  • change
  • uncertainty
  • grief
  • loss

And that’s the short list.

Does this awareness then beg the question, what can I control?

Two small words may came to mind- a little.

If every day, we focus on the areas of life we can directly influence, they include and are not limited to:

  • hope
  • opportunity
  • encouragement
  • change
  • renewal

One word on both lists is change.

That’s because, as the cliche goes, the only constant in life is change.

Knowing it and living it can be very different experiences; especially when we don’t initiate said change.

My point of sharing is to remind you, you are in control of more than you might realize. One of the areas that you are always in control of is your attitude.

Even though this year may not be going as planned and we all might be thinking 2021 is looking pretty good right about now, let’s not be in too big of a rush to get through today.

By monitoring our attitude and the changes we encounter, because yes there will be mor we, can see them as ways to increase our faith, get creative with our relationships, and seek new ways of caring for ourselves and those we love.

Even with all of the changes we’re experiencing and that may lie ahead, remember, you matter and you make a difference.

YOU have the ability to-



Break Chains and Make Waves.