Truth Conquers Fear

by | Nov 3, 2018 | 0 comments

Fear are lies we believe and hide in the dark.

Once light is shone into that darkness, not only is the stronghold of fear shattered, it also allows room for truth to move into that space.

Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

The key word, in my opinion, is false.

Things change. We change. Other people don’t always have the newest and most true information about us and our growth.

What may be seemed true or even was legitimately true in the past, does not mean it holds true today.

Updating our own self image and mindset are first steps to shining light, the light of truth into our lives. When we have the internal glow, it won’t be stopped in shining outward.

Push back the fear and the lies. You are brave and bold. You are worth the fight. THOSE are truths to embrace.


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