Don’t Hold On

by | Oct 27, 2018 | 0 comments

Anger, hurt, pain. They are legitimate feelings and vary from person to person.

One person may consider an incident a mild offense and to someone else, it’s a soul scar.

When we hold onto those feelings, they fester; just like a splinter left unattended. It causes irritation, at first perhaps unnoticeable. Then one day, there’s no avoiding the fact, you’re wounded.

Imagine if you will, holding onto those feelings in your closed clenched fists. In one sense, it’s a form of protection to not let anymore anger, hurt or pain in.

In another sense, you’re also keeping them trapped.

When we open up those fists to release the feelings that injured us, we can then allow love and healing to replace them. At first, it will feel a bit awkward; just like the initial injury. However, in time, you’ll come to be whole again. The damaged repaired and replaced with peace and strength.


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