No, this post isn’t about kombucha. Then again, it kind of is.

What is your word worth to you?

Have you ever made an off the cuff promise to someone? “Let me send you one.”

Or, the more casual, often tossed around, “I’ll call you. We’ll have lunch.”

Growing up you might have been told, “your word is your bond.”  Over time you learned you  learned otherwise as promises and even bigger commitments  were broken by lack of follow through.

Which brings me to the kombucha.

Months and months ago as my coach and I were wrapping up a call, he said, to my surprise, “I’ll bring a Pink Lady to you the next time I see you. I know it’s a favorite for both of us.”

Time passed. To be honest, I totally forgot his comment or perhaps you could call it, commitment.

Until last week……

We were together for a mastermind event and BAM, there it was. I was so taken aback, at first, I didn’t realize it was for me nor did I recall our conversation.

What matters is, he did.

Because he’s a man of integrity and excellence, not giving that kombucha to me was bugging him. It was a slow leak of his energy because he had an open loop, if you will.

Sure, he could have dismissed the urge to make good on his comment. After all, it was under a $4.00 promise. Yet, compromising his word was not worth it.

So, what’s YOUR word worth to you? How far have you gone or are you willing to go in order to follow through on those “little promises”? Those spur of the moment, “let’s grab a drink sometime” utterances add up. Both in your subconscious and possibly in the other person’s as well.

Take a minute today and make a commitment to yourself from here forward, if you say it, you mean it and you’ll follow through.

Above all else, be sure to keep the promises you make to yourself. You are the only person you’ll always have around. Others will come and go from our life.

Perhaps the only impression they’ll take with them is value of our word.


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