Your eyes do not deceive you.

It is absolutely possible to lose weight without breaking into a physical sweat.

And, while we’re not talking about curls, squats, and burpees, exercise will be required.

It does not fall into the cardiovascular category either. These strengthening and stretching routines will overall give you a healthier quality of life by releasing what’s been weighing you down.

By conditioning your mental core, you can lose the weight of regret, shame, resentment, bitterness, hurt, and disappointment.

A mind shift is a no sweat way to weight loss.

Establishing boundaries and enforcing them, disciplining yourself to break bad habits like saying, “yes” too often, and eliminating limiting beliefs are first steps in losing the mental clutter that’s been hanging on.

Carrying around emotional baggage has been proven to lead to physical weight gain. Numbing feelings with food and other substances along with losing sleep leads to a lack of energy resulting in an increase on the scale.

Even our physical environments can be affected by feelings we’ve been hoarding.

Start with a mind warmup.

Assessing your limiting beliefs, creating a routine of addressing your emotions at the time they occur, and tracking your goal distractions are simple ways to shedding pounds.

Notice it reads simply not easy.

It most likely won’t be easy, at first. Like any exercise it will take time to build up endurance and stamina. However, we must be challenged in order to grow.

Everyone likes to take it easy now and again. At times, it’s necessary. Too easy, too long and we wind up dull, bored, and weak.

Exercises in knowing what you want, what matters to you, and of learning about your limiting beliefs are all disciplines in developing a life lived in alignment with your true destiny.

All the coulda, shoulda, and woulda that is fighting for your mental bandwidth and toying with your emotional energy needs to be silenced and put to the curb. You know, like that chair your neighbor put outside in hops someone would drive by and pick it up.

In this case, you don’t really want anyone to take your junk or to pass it along. So we’re just going to get have a cleanup and deposit it securely in the dump.

Let’s start here, with a brain dump.

Here’s your first exercise.

Make a list of everything you feel:
>> guilt
>> shame
>> disappointment or
>> regret about.

Dig deep and don’t judge. When it pops into your mind, write it down.

Maybe it’s the overflowing inbox, the unwritten thank you notes, the job you didn’t get or maybe lost, the relationship that didn’t work out.

If it comes to mind, it’s in there and needs to be addressed.

Second exercise:
Ask yourself, what can you do about it? Assess your answer and options.

Some things can’t be undone and others we simply can’t change. When that’s the case, acceptance and grace are your two best mental conditionings. Put those things to rest once and for all.

What about the recurring “stuff”?

This is your opportunity to establish and exercise boundaries. What do you want? What is acceptable? What won’t you tolerate?

Setting boundaries is something you can do only for yourself not create for someone else.*

Finally, at least for now, remember losing the weight and keeping it off is a lifestyle marathon. You have to establish new practices then continue to maintain and tweak as you live on.

When it comes to your limiting belief systems (aka BS) what’s real and true? What’s garbage and lies? And how can you tell the difference?

Start with this- “Where or who did this idea come from?” “Is it true today?”

Based on your answers, you can drop about a thousand pounds of junk with an update and purge.

And now that you’ve made some progress, how can you keep the weight off?

Know your worth. Once you understand who you are and whose you are, a lightness is achieved and can be maintained.

Replace the weight with worth.

You’ll be rocking a healthier, happier lifestyle in no time.


*The best resource I know to better understand boundaries is a book called, Boundaries Updated and Expanded Edition: When to Say Yes, How to Say No To Take Control of Your Life by Dr.Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend.


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