Are you ready FOR a BREAKTHROUGH?


Increase your clarity, refine your identity, and expand your prosperity!

Join us January 25 to recall, reclaim and realize your dreams.

“Don’t wait for your breakthrough; create it.”

Do you want more peace and less stress without wasting time and energy by repeating mistakes of the past?

 Are you:

  • Tired of living someone else’s dream?
  • Overwhelmed by your responsibilities or possibilities?
  • Exhausted from the expectations of others?
  • Ready to gain clarity, courage, and confidence?



When will enough be enough?
Are you finally ready for change?

Stop living with burnout and overwhelm (aka B.O.) leading to:

  • chronic health issues
  • strained relationships
  • disillusionment
  • discontent
  • disconnect

Getting unstuck, unmasked, and unleashed will generate more energy, mend relationships, and reignite your passions so that you can live by design, with intention and in authenticity.

I understand you.

For decades, I danced as fast as I could. Juggled more than I could really handle. Said “yes” when I wanted to say”no”.

I went to every seminar, enrolled in every online course, and spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars seeking solutions.

My breakthrough came when I realized it wasn’t about doing more, acquiring more, or achieving more. Ultimately, it was about being more. More me. The real me.

Understanding who I am designed to be, what I’m intended to accomplish, and how to discover and expand my unique gifts and talents was life changing for me. I know it will be for you as well.

My proven systems have helped hundreds of women learn:

How to identify anchors weighing them down.

Why becoming a wave maker generates more energy.

To say no without guilt.

Proven techniques to avoid getting swept up in other people’s stuff.

Their true identity through recalling their dreams.

How permission and margin free you up.

It’s time to stop drifting through life and start rocking the boat.

2020 IS your year  to become renergized, refueled, and refocused.


January 25, Bentonville, AR

You CAN have it all. It’s possible to enjoy your journey.

You were not created to be insecure, living in idle, feeling invalid, or as an imposter.

You were created to live authentically, accepted, approved of, and as an achiever.

Change the trajectory of your year!

Join us, January 25 from 9-12 for your breakthrough experience.

1000 Westpark Drive, Suite 18, Bentonville, AR.

(Across from Planet Fitness)

For less than the cost of a new outfit, you can attend this event and leave wearing a new look that will always be in fashion.

The 1-Day Experience Includes:

  • Small group engagement.
  • Custom 2020 Action Plan
  • Master training on gaining clarity to become unstuck.
  • Unmasking your true indentity.
  • How to experience life on purpose and live unleashed.

  • Understand the “no” strategy.
  • Network with like minded high-achieving women.
  • Membership in a closed Online Community.
  • Bonus resources – daily action plans, 1:1 attention,  and other fun surprises.
  • And of course, caffeine and chocolate!

Your Guide:

Daphne V. Smith

As a coach and truth teller, Daphne has helped hundreds of high-achieving women breakthrough their mask of perfection in order to live authentically; so they can stop treading through life as wave fakers and begin living as secure confident wave makers.

Join us for this 1-Day event for a year of strength in the battle and peace in the stress.

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